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Math Solver

What is
Math Solver

Mathematics is perhaps one of the dreaded subjects in school. It’s not a secret that a considerable percentage of the population hates math. Some consider it boring while others find the principles difficult to comprehend.

For school teachers and tutors, making students become interested in math can be challenging. But it does not mean there is no way to catch the student’s attention and make them love the subject. There are now many tools available to help children learn while having fun.

Math Solver makes math learning more exciting by turning it into a game anyone can play using their personal computer or mobile devices. Children can improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills while playing games online. Plus, they can accumulate points as they play and receive rewards!

How it works?

The steps are simple. Sign up and start solving math problems. You can select Normal mode which shows addition and subtraction problems or Hard mode for multiplication and division problems.

What they say about us

Math Solver has helped thousands of people learn to love math. Don’t just take our word for it. Trust the numbers and try it for yourself.

I love this game, it helps my kids strengthen their knowledge and skill on solving problems.

Flor Gonteraz

House Wife

Aside from having fun, Math solver makes me stay sharp all the time. Gives me the boost in confidence in my work.

Ryan James Buntalid


This app is really recommended for anyone who want's to improve their Math skills and stay motivated in their studies.

Jerry Castillo


I like their point system and rewards, it keeps me motivated to use Math Solver always since I can use it on mobile also.

Juan Mabini


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