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Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Ways to get points in Math Solver

The primary way to learn in Math Solver is through playing our Game which is also our main purpose for having this application.

The user will receive points to boost their confidence to play and improve from time to time, mentioned above, through the game itself.

This is also to make sure you know what is right or wrong on your answers.

But we are not limiting the possibility for our user to gather more points in another way. So we come up with there major ways:

1. Play the game. This is basically the most important one. Here you can get better with your basic mathematical skill and gather as many points you need.

2. Sharing. With Sharing you are encouraged to share your experience and visible improvements to those who are struggling with basic math such as your kids, friends and basically anyone even your workmates.

3. Reading. Which was recently added in our new update. We want you to make reading a habit as this will help you to have a better understanding of our purpose why Math Solver exists.

But remember be helpful in the best way possible and follow the rules of the game.