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Problem Solving

This is the game you first loved.
The legacy game which you need to solve the
arithmetic questions with in 70 seconds.
But now improved!

Not available.

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Numbers To Text

Here is our new game for you!
A free game that improves your ability to
identify number and say it in words.
Try it now and have more fun!

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Here you can see the top players per month using the MathSolver game.
Makes your game more exciting and more fun.

This Month
Julmer C. Gapol 800 pts
Trisha May Dela Cruz 750 pts
Rosalinda omboy 657 pts
4th ashleigh 514 pts
5th Sherlyn Pagliawan 392 pts
6th Joeyren 204 pts
7th Mary Ann Gualberto 188 pts
8th Allia Flor Barcelona 181 pts
9th Josephine Almosara 175 pts
10th Jamielee Ann Samala 172 pts
Last Month
ashleigh 12448 pts
Analyn Traviña 8941 pts
$5 $3 $2

Rewards for those who are top scorer and most improving each month.

Waiting for 30:00 for the next game?

Why don't you read our blogs for 5-10 mins and learn more
mathematics while getting 10 extra points.

1. Check if you have reading credits on the blog page.

2. Read the blog and wait for the timer to stop.

3. Earn extra points.

Or you can directly go below and to blogs.

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Tips and Tricks

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The Leaderboard and why it is important

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October 25, 2020

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Ways to get points in Math Solver

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August 05, 2020

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Effective way for sharing the application

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June 30, 2020