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Frequently Asked Question

How many points will I receive upon signup?

You not be recieving points upon sign up but in the other hand it is completely free to use our application and improve your math skills.

How does referral works?

Upon signing up your account on Math Solver the system will automatically generates a code (which will serve as your referral code) that you can use to share the our application to other and earn addition extra points.

Where can I find my referral link?

You can find you referral code in the dashboard and navigate to the account tab or referrals tab upon logging in.

Is Math Solver free of use?

Yes it is absolutely free to usefree. We at Math Solver wants to help out those who are needing improvements on their basic math skills.

Does it help my children improve math skills?

Absolutely! Math Solver developed this application as alternative way to let your kids learn math. And we choose basic math as it is one of the most effective way to learn math.

Do I need to practice?

If you are already a great mathematician then you will find this as easy and earn great points from the game but if you are having difficulties then you can practice the game and improve to earn higher points.

Where can I find my all my earn points?

You can find the total of all your points in the points tab under you account dashboard but be sure to login. Go to my Points Tab.

How many points I get on each correct answer?

Upon playing you will get to choose between Normal or Hard. By playing normal mode you will get 1 points each correct answer and 2 points on hard mode.